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Nadex 2 hour Binary Options

Nadex Nadex Binary options Price action Trading Crosswalk indicator

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#1 BinaryOptionsTutordotcom



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Posted 25 April 2019 - 11:09 PM


The video above is all about Nadex 2 hour Binary Options. Again I am sharing what I think is the low hanging fruit to trade on the Nadex Exchange. I know that a lot of people like the sexy 5 minute binary options but I think the ITM ( In the money ) trades in the direction of your bias can be a lot easier to execute and trade. This is a trade that I done in a demo account so that I could completely focus on talking out the process and the setup from beginning to end. I was in this trade for about 1 hour and some minutes and that is a good place for me because some of the Theta ( Time ) has ran out of the binary option but there is enough optionality left for you to get a good price ( $20 - $25 or so ) potential profit if the trade wins. I am covering a lot about how to read the price action on the chart and how to understand what is happening in front of you on a very basic chart. Below are my key take aways.
A: Determine the trend and get your bias and in this example of a 2 hour strategy I am using larger time frame candles ( 1 hour ) on a 15 minute chart to see what is happening and set a bias. 4 out of 5 candles closing down on the hour after the bounce off a very low deviation level the prior day. Then it stopped and bears took back over again. Wait for a day when bears are killing it and then see what the bulls can do and if they fail to move much then that is your bias or vice versa.
B: When your bias is down you want to sell ITM ABOVE some good wicks in the price action. NOT at the wicks but above them because your goal is to setup the most toxic situation that you can for the market maker. Either they will take your money or you will take theirs so do not feel bad about doing this process.
C: I was using my custom indicator the Cross walk and I like to setup mid areas to see when the markets are choppy ( that means to stay out of brackets especially ) or also to find when we are showing some strength what direction are we breaking out of mostly. Crosswalk has weak oscillations with lighter color and grey oscillations to help me spot indecision and choppy areas as well. So I look for strength ( dark colors ) and empty or mostly weak areas on the other side to make price action a bit less subjective for me.
D: I will usually set a working order to take profit early in case at the last minute the trade is tight and against me. You do not have to hold the binary option to the end on Nadex so it is a good idea to take advantage of that when you can and get out for 70 - 80% of the potential value. I show how to do this on a calculator.
E: Also lastly I show a precise way to set your levels so that your level on the MT4 chart will match the level on the Nadex charts and that is very important. You can not pick a strike on your MT4 without knowing where your S/R lines should be exactly.
NOTE: It is late while I am posting this but I will put the template in this video along with the indicators ( Excluding the crosswalk ) as soon as I can if anyone is interested in looking at it on a chart. IMHO the price action and just planning out the trade is most important ( everything else helps with planning ).

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#2 ookalan



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Posted 27 April 2019 - 04:21 PM

I would be interesting in this

#3 BinaryOptionsTutordotcom



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Posted 29 April 2019 - 01:53 AM

I would be interesting in this


     OK here goes the Template and a video ( longer than I intended sorry guys ) explaining this simple template and indicators and how to use them along with PA for some FX scalps, Nadex Bracket trades and quick 2 hour ( 1 hour recommended or just under that ) bets. I go into a lot of detail but if you are just bound and determined to learn price action I really think this video will help break it down.



This is a free Template that I share on a site my brother and I
run. I call it Channel surfing because there are lots of overlays
of channels to use as guides to hopefully aid your price action
trading. I am going to explain each of the indicators on here and
how they all work in harmony together to hopefully help with
spotting the bigger picture more objectively.

A) Price Donchain: Nothing to do with time just the price that I
set after gathering some simple statistics in another free
indicator on our site.

B) Donchain channels: Helps keep track of highs and lows on
the 4 hours chart.

C: Moving averages: I put these 2 moving averages together one
is based on the average high of the 6 hour period and the other
is based on the average LOW of the six hour period. Good spots
to find rejection or start looking for breakouts. Also good area
to see when we are just sitting in a choppy place below the
average highs and lows ( So chop means not a good time for
touch brackets on Nadex or trading Forex ).


D) Bot Average Bid ask: Helps me see roughly where the Nadex price should be in real time.

      Remember watch the video for help with reading price
action and stay with the trend as best you can. When you are
doing 2 hour binary options on Nadex place bets at strikes on
the opposite side of the trend ( Higher ITM on Down trend
Lower ITM on Uptrend ). I hope this helps a lot of peoples

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#4 BinaryOptionsTutordotcom



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Posted 30 April 2019 - 09:02 PM

This is another video on Nadex 2 hour trades.
In this video you can follow along with me as I am doing a live trade on the EURUSD. The trade had about 51 minutes in it when I entered the trade and I got in at a price that I wanted for an ITM ( Nadex In The Money ) Trade.  I will be showing the trade setup and explaining the price action that I was trading around at the time I got in. Please note that I made a mistake saying $20 - $50 and what I meant to say was $20 - $25 actually.
Some Key points:
A: Look at the time: This trade was taken on the EURUSD during the first 2 hours of trading in London ( very late at night my time ) this is where a majority of the trading of this pair will take place and that is when the market can move either sharply or out of your favor fast ( But it is great when it moves in your favor on a Nadex ITM ).
B: I will go over this breakout pattern and explain how I used the guides in Channel surfer to confirm and enter the trade.
C: I set a take profit that was 75% of the potential value of the contract and in about 21 minutes I got out because my working order was filled. I think it is important to look at the trade and how the market had to react in order for me to get out early like this but my point is that it can be done in a live account it is just that you need that extreme volatility in your favor ( Vega in options Greeks ) with all that time ( Theta in options Greeks ) remaining. I would rather show visual people then talk about option Greeks. Honestly I would rather do almost anything than talk about the Greeks so that is all I will say about that LOL.
D: Price action purist should note the tight consolidation and then the Beak out of the tight area to the upside along with the fact that it was early London. This is when I look for price action patterns like this because outside of some news or a random big order coming through there is not often moves in your favor this much and this fast.
     My computer was acting up so the video is not in perfect sync but I hope watching some trades like this live and having the base template in front of you will help some people find their way to some good strong trades. The template is called channel surfing and is right here in this thread.

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