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Best Strategy I've ever had

Posted by check4nsiboy , 23 November 2018 · 371 views

Ok guys, let me start this post with a question; how many of us are actually succeeding in the currency trading business?
Or let me put it this way; how many people do you really think are succeeding this trading business?

The truth is that over 90% of those guys that are parading themselves as successful traders are not successful. They are lying to you.
Forget about them, work on yourself. Understand how price move, understand support and resistance. Understand when price is making higher high and lower low and get a strategy out of there. But very importantly, don’t expect to get rich quick.

I’ve learned a lot from this website that’s why I’m giving back. I started out a binary option trader so I was so frequent here until I found out that option is not really my thing. I don’t like the heart breaks and tensions that come with it so I gave up to try forex. Now forex wasn’t easy but I didn’t give up and thank God it worked for me at last.
I’m giving out my strategy that has really paid.

Now this post is not for newbies. You need a better understanding of price action to trade this strategy. It’s the easiest, accurate and profitably strategy I’ve ever seen and created. I don’t believe in having hundreds of indicators but however, I use 5 moving averages to know where the market is and predict the next move. It’s very consistence and the best part of it is that it give a good risk reward each time you take a trade that even with the least 40% of winning you are still in profit at the end of the month.
I don’t think twice taking my trades because I have a very tight stop lose with big expectations.

Timeframe is 4hours and above.
Moving averages: exponential 35,40,45,50 and 55.
  • Follow the trend
  • Price breaks the next support of resistance
  • Wait for a retrace (to touch atleast the first moving average)
  • Looking for a rejection (pin bar, doji etc)
  • take trade without thinking twice
  • stop lose atleast 15 pips the rejected candle
  • take profit the next strong support or resistance
My target is the next strong support or resistance
I believe that every good trader will understand the entry and exit at first sight.

You can use it for binary option with 5 candle expiration though I personally don’t trade option.
Ask any question and I’ll do my best to answer all of it.

Here and exmaple https://ibb.co/jfMkzq

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