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Day zero

Posted by Aliloucarp , 05 December 2017 · 3,546 views

Hi Traders

Being a creative writer at heart, I thought I would put fingers to keyboard and start my own trading journal, although not sure how my poetry will help with my blog or my trading :lol: . It's probably of little interest to anyone else but I thought it would be a good way to help me analyse my trading strategy, my money management and if anyone does happen to read it, hopefully learn and grow even further as a trader from the experience and from any feedback.

My trading journey started two years ago and over that time I have burnt one small account and made a little profit. All good so far, as I know this is not the fate of many newbies. Fortunately too I found BOE early on and avoided the millions of online scammers out there just ready and waiting to take my hard earned.

My consistency over this time period has been compromised by not sticking with a strategy. There are actually many good strategies out there but like many others who walked the path before me I was looking for the holy grail that could never be found.....at least not in the way we expect or should I say hope to find it! The grail is actually within the grasp of those that take a good strategy and practice and practice and practice and watch over the charts to see how the strategy deals in many different scenarios. Price as we know is a fluid thing, like a river it bends and turns and dips and rises and all we can do is hope we can sumise an approximation of it's destination.

I am not a professional trader and I can hardly say I have taken to it like a duck to water but with continued practice and time I hope to ultimately hold my head up and be able to profit over the longer term. I don't know yet how often I will post but it will at least be weekly, so that I can document my progress from here on in.

Wishing any readers many itms.

Peace :)

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Good luck!

What format this blog is about to be?

Like with videos or pictures, or plain text?

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Both @Abdul777 text and pictures, maybe videos in due course, we shall see how it evolves ! 

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I'm in! :D

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