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IQ Option - Full Review

Posted by Ewa , 28 September 2017 · 4,781 views

This will review will be separated into some different categories, in case you want to read about something specific. If you have a question ask in the comments.
Phone Calls

You will be happy to learn that IQ Option never send unwanted spam phone calls your way. In fact, I have never received a phone call from IQ Option.

IQ deserves a 10 out of 10 for this category.


The platform IQ Option offers is very user friendly. Anyone looking to get started in binary options should look no further than IQ. There are notable differences from the demo platform and the live platform. These are mostly small problems such as in the demo account you can easily put a $100,000 trade if you had enough money on your account, while in the live platform you will usually be limited to no greater than $5,000 and this depends on how much "liquidity" is available for each currency pair at the selected expiry time. If there are a 1,000 users all putting their money on a Call for an expiration at 10:37 then there will be very little money left for you to also place your call with the same expiry, and may not be able to enter at all. I have had this occur with only $1 trades in the past. I think IQ Option is quite famous for the "option not available" nonsense, so just expect this from them and don't let it get to you.. it is not a problem once you understand this will happen and you must consider it part of the brokers edge.

Speaking of $1 "trades" (although they are actually bets on binary options as our "trade" does not enter the market), IQ Option is a great option if you are looking to practice or even start up with a very small account balance. They accept a minimum $10 deposit and you can then trade a minimum of $1. If you are on a tight budget and want to get yourself associated with Binary Options then IQ Option is a pretty darn good choice.

The IQ platform has very many indicators and is very interactive when compared to other binary brokers. One downside is that there is no MT4 available for IQ Option. This, however is not a big deal because they offer such a great range of indicators that will help you plot and see where the price will head next. It is important to remember, however.. IQ Option does have "help" when you are selecting your indicators and they tell you how to use them "correctly". Rather than listening to this, you must always remember binary brokers get money when you lose, so be sure to do your research outside the brokers.

The platform obviously can not beat any forex platform available, but in terms of binary brokers that are using their own platform, IQ is hands down the best. I will give a 9/10 for their platform, lacking the use of custom indicators and the fact their indicators do not match up with the same indicators on MT4 (I mean the numbers and inputs you insert on the indicators).

Account Verification

I personally did not like their account verification. In my own experience, the verification process took 1 and a half weeks to 2 and a half weeks (I do not remember). IQ allows you to make a deposit and trade live while you are being verified, which in my opinion can lead to some problems if you deposit money, trade your money away and then it turns out your documents are not enough, and you can never become verified. Being cautious with your money is important, and I, personally would never join a broker that forced you to deposit money before you can become verified (Stockpair and 24Option come to mind with this nonsense).

I'll give the account verification process a 6.5/10 because it was easy enough, just too slow and I feel it could lead to problems for some people.


A new feature on IQ Option is Forex. I must admit, I am greatly disappointed with this feature. It is much like a children's drum set vs a real drum set. On the other hand, if you know what you are doing it is a great way to make solid cash (however if you know what to do on forex, you might as well stay with the normal forex brokers).

While I am disappointed with their forex option, I also believe it has a lot of promise and it is something they can work on to make it a better service and I am interested to see where it will head in the future. Since it is not really a poor service and has plenty of promise (although I currently do not like it very much) I will give it a 6/10.

Digital Options

Digital Options is where you have a set expiry every five minutes (10:30;10:35;10:40;etc..) At the beginning of the five minutes you have the most digital options, which are round numbers above and below the current price. You have to choose which round number the price will be below (or above) at the end of the expiry. It is unique, and we can have fun with it.. but I do not know about long term profitability. The reason is that the longer the five minutes goes the less digital options you have to choose from, and the worse the payouts get. If you choose the round number the farthest away from the current price and there is notable support or resistance, then you have a very good chance of winning.. but your payout will be very low (3-10% rather than typical 60-90% binary payout).

If this sounds nice, give it a try.. it is sure fun, and a good extra for IQ to have, but it is no superstar and never will be for me. I'll give it a 7/10.

Deposit & Withdrawal

The first thing that must be stated is that there are many options for depositing and withdrawing. You can, however only withdraw using a method that you deposited with. A bank withdrawal has a $50 commission for any size, not good.

After three attempts, I finally managed to withdraw my funds. Their rules for taking a photo of the card you used to deposit are absolutely a smack in the face to the English language. IQ Option did finally manage to withdraw the funds, but the amount of effort it took and unhelpfulness on their end made me want to not really deposit back into this broker.

I can't really go lower than 5/10 here, because getting the money is the most important, and that I did.. it just took way too much effort and took way to long (the span of a few weeks).


I will gladly give a finaly score of 6.5/10, they are very newbie friendly but when you finally quit and look back at all the problems their platform has, the problems with withdrawing I had.. I can not go any higher. I can, however recommend using the broker... but even that, I don't want to go any further into explanation. Remember, this is only my experience.. and everyone will have a different one. Always check ForexPeaceArmy website for reviews of your broker.

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I had e problem with withdrawing.

I had fully verified my account, but when i tried to withdraw, they told me i needed to re-verify my account because they do this every 6 months for security reasons.

After 4 failed attempts to verify it, i finally got a call from my account manager who was in vacations that days and he resolved the problem.

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What's the limit on how much a customer can gain/lose on IQ option?
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I find that I loose everytime I bet a big amount for less than 1 minute. I think they manipulate the price slightly

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Also I had a problem with withdrawing. If You want to withdraw some profit must be verify the all bank card which is used for deposit. If you didn't verify you will never get any money.so very careful with them. When deposit no any issue when you want to withdraw need verify everything. Before two year I have deposit some money using my old card & that card account already causal & returned the card.so I don't have copy of bank card & I explained them that issue then they have requested account cancelation letter from bank with card number. So I would like to inform every body keep in mind that withdrawal issues.
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