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My first day shared with you! Hope it will continue...

Posted by manuoz , 15 December 2016 · 1,343 views

Hi guys,
here you can view results of my today 's morning session


It began with the 0.43 profit .

i use mainly ichimoku senkou B and kijoun to identify s/r and correlation with price s/r
Murray math lines as exit and open trade confirmation
I draw manually trendlines, then looking for price crosses those lines as first alert.


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can you share bro the indicators?


and what are the rules?

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Dec 16 2016 09:46 AM

yes please share the indi thank u

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Dec 18 2016 07:10 PM

The indicator is Ichimoku for the two of you asking. I believe it is a standard indicator for most charting software, so it should already be an option in most programs.

I like your style Manouz, I utilize Ichimoku as well and like seeing more people using it. 

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Sorry guys, was not so available these days as i prepare christmas and my children arrive tomorrow for 1 week.

First , thanks for your comments :)

and for the indicators, it is only basic ichimoku in mt4, murray math lines you  can find everywhere .

and for the arrows, it is a custom alert i made, but not finished and still in development 

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For the rules, i am sorry to say that, but i could say i have tons or none.

It shows u mainly my way and style of trading, looking for confluence with tenkan, kijoun, cloud, senkou B s/r , cross or rejection on murray lines, and trend lines broken.

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Good job!
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Thanks for comments. Trading will continue after french holidays, so in 1 week.


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