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@  Nathan55 : (10 August 2020 - 11:19 AM) option strategy
@  kalc : (08 August 2020 - 04:10 AM) @BOedge its a very easy switch mate
@  BOedge : (05 August 2020 - 02:29 PM) nice to see you again STILIOS. Yup, screen time, research [ie here on BOE], more screen time, practice, patience, a plan, proofing the plan and then sticking to it. I'll be in touch some time to pick your brains about the switch to FX. Not now, not ready.
@  devhie : (04 August 2020 - 06:36 AM) good night
@  palex2005 : (03 August 2020 - 03:42 AM) EMA
@  STILIOS : (02 August 2020 - 11:28 AM) Have a nice and profitable week Guys !!!!!!
@  STILIOS : (02 August 2020 - 11:27 AM) After all those years of trying and working i came out in a conclution and is simple..Trading needs knowledge - Pateince - Discipline in order to succeed ofcourse not in a couple of years ....
@  STILIOS : (02 August 2020 - 11:24 AM) @BOedge my friend it was a big challenge for me also to start work on Forex also but i never regret that till now
@  STILIOS : (02 August 2020 - 11:22 AM) We should never forget where how and who healp us to start from ...
@  STILIOS : (02 August 2020 - 11:21 AM) Its really nice to see some old and respectfull traders - members in here !!!
@  BOedge : (02 August 2020 - 04:52 AM) its really interesting when you read through some of the threads again and again what you discover that you just couldn't see or understand before. So many duh moment, lol.
@  BOedge : (02 August 2020 - 04:50 AM) good, finally understanding HH strat, at least a bit more, but still struggling with Larry. Switching to FX from BO is challenging. Biggest takeaway from Larry so far is to look beyond the open and close of a candle.
@  Sambo : (01 August 2020 - 01:43 AM) @David it's going well at the moment, hitting 2.5% per week...combining Al Brooks price action with Lazy Larry MM 🙂
@  David : (31 July 2020 - 06:40 AM) how about with yall
@  David : (31 July 2020 - 06:39 AM) not too bad sambo, always improving
@  Sambo : (30 July 2020 - 02:10 PM) @David how is your trading going david?
@  nkotb6 : (30 July 2020 - 06:26 AM) True @David Happy trading day!
@  roopem : (30 July 2020 - 12:05 AM) @XOOX hey, can you explain more?
@  David : (29 July 2020 - 02:58 PM) and i hear that nkotb6, can always be better!
@  David : (29 July 2020 - 02:58 PM) Ah man sorry to hear that sambo

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#51478 Too Much Fire

Posted by rahul111 on 21 December 2015 - 04:49 PM

POST 1 updated on 29th December 2015 with new rules & zip file.


Lets begin a fresh Start Here.

forget what happened in the old thread.

Here is a brand new thing.


1. Pink Dot + Green Arrow on same candle and the candle must close outside Bollinger Bands 20/2.5 on the lower side


1. Pink Dot + Red on same candle and the candle must close outside Bollinger Bands 20/2.5 on the higher side

Use stratmans minichart for trend indication in London and NY sessions. No need for this in asian session.

If previous candle is red on H1 and H4 then take only puts. If H1 does not give clear indication then look at H4 chart for indication


Special Note: Do not trade if candle has a very big wick. Ideally look for a small wick or full body closure.

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#27259 Hubba Hubba's Style (5-15 mins)

Posted by hubba hubba on 18 July 2015 - 12:36 PM

These are the indicators and template for this strategy.

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#27258 Hubba Hubba's Style (5-15 mins)

Posted by hubba hubba on 18 July 2015 - 12:33 PM

hi all, this is where i share not a strategy in particular but rather my style of trading. hence the thread's name. 

It is a very simple strategy like most where i trade the market with it's momentary pull backs, reversal and trending.

U might find my style of trading such market a little 'random' but this is how i perceive the market and trades it.

This style and strategy is not a result of a 3 hour or 3 day high ITM performance. I have been using a similar strategy and trade it with the same style for almost 12 months. Not actively as i have a day job but nonetheless, sufficient and quality screen time has been clocked.


For those who have been following my other thread would roughly have an idea of what kind of member i am.



i am not here to sell or promote anything because i have a rather good-paying job which i plan to stick with it.

i am not here for popularity contest so u will not find any BS stuff from me.

i am here simply i have gained a lot of knowledge and information here in BOE and BOD. Now i am just trying to help out other passionate, hardworking and relentless traders/members.


The template of my strategy is such. Last few weeks i have tried different indicators and finally i am settled with these. There is actually not much difference in all of those i have tried. For they are not game-changing. U can try and replace these with other similar ones. As long as u get the core trading concept from my strategy and style. The template and indicators only adds up 50% of the trading performance i achieve. The other 50% comes from the user's screen time. I know, such a bummer right? 


There is no magic arrow here that will appear (and stays there) to tell u where the market will be going. But if u find one or owns one, please let me know. 


EDIT: more detailed explanations here: http://www.binaryopt...5-mins/?p=29766


Good news = This strategy and my style has been consistently profitable for me. So u too can achieve this.

Bad news = I can safely say this is not for any trader who does not have sufficient screen time.

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#94742 Trend-Friend. Any timeframe.

Posted by Singh on 30 October 2016 - 09:09 PM

Okay folks its been ages since I posted a new strategy and the reason was I could not find anything better than what I already posted. But last that have changed. I actually been using this kinda style since months but I was always going back to No Cloud Ichi for 5m or above expiry because smaller expiry wasn't a big attraction to me.Last week as I dug deep into it I felt its worth sharing.

Note : I have not traded it much just back tested and took some live trades , results are great so far but please do test it and then see if you like it.

Things not to do : Do not add an indicator unless you can prove that it really helps to prevent the losing trades.Test it before you put it out there , dont just be like " IF we add this indi I think it might save us some losers" But do it this way , add the indi to your chart and then mark the losing trades you saved and then post the screenshot and the indi. You are most welcome to change the settings of the indicator used too maybe we can find better settings.

Also as the name suggests it is a trend based strategy so do not trade in choppy market however it is not a major trend based strategy so once you read it you will see that you can trade it almost anytime , I know confusing but just read and you will get what I mean lol.

Strategy : Lets call it Trend-Friend as it based on trend even if it the smallest temporary trend. There are two ways to trade it , Aggressive- 60 sec trades , Non Aggressive- 2min trades. Both ways are equally good so try them both.

Indicators Used : Moving Averages and Stoch. - I will not write the settings and all as I am posting the template which have it all built in. There are two MA's in main window making a channel ( Courtesy of Uncle MTH who introduced me to this channel ) and stoch channel in sub window. So I am calling them as Channels.

60 sec strat- Agressive - When the main chart MA channel and stoch channel are trending to same direction we take trade on every candle to that direction untill we lose , Once we lose we martingale on next candle after the losing trade if both channels are still in the same direction. I know people dont like to martingale but this type of martingale wont hurt you much , the most consecutive loss I have seen is 2 so yeah but then if you still dont like to martingale then just stop at losing trade and wait for next setup to become valid.

Here is the picture


2 min trades - Non Aggressive - We only take trades when there is candle which goes against the both channel , we take 2min call or put towards the channel direction once that opposite candle finishes. If we lose we can martingale to recover on this one too.


In above picture you will see the trades in first uptrend which I did not mark after the 4th vertical line there were 2 more down candles which met out requirements as per main channel but sub window channel didnt agree so we just let it go , there are 100's of trades in a day with this strat even if you just trade 4 major pair so you dont need to rush and hey I dont want to trade more than 10 trades a day and that is me stretching myself.

Now have I traded a lot with this strat ? NO ....... Then why am I posting this ? Because I think its pretty good and I think its better than my no cloud ( yes I did say that ) and because I will be using this going forward and most importantly I want some fame time on forum been ages so if not anything it might be hot topic for few days and I will have my fame :D lol

I think I have covered important parts and made all the rules clear , still if you have questions shoot it .



PS : it is not 60 sec or 2min expiry strategy only , it's rather one candle or two candle expiry which can be done to any time frame if you know what I mean.

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#142351 (Verified) Lazy Larry discussion thread.

Posted by traderpusa on 20 June 2018 - 09:31 AM

Hi guys,


the main strategy was presented to you in the verified accounts/strategies thread.


In attach documents that describe how to determine trend / levels and general price action information.

None of the content is mine, except for the DWM indi.


Feel free to comment or ask questions here, I will not be entertaining private messages that would require

repeating 10x the same information.


good luck,






  1. Purpose of the Lazy Larry thread

The purpose of the Lazy Larry thread is to guide the aspiring Price Action Forex trader on his first

steps in his transition from Binary Options to Forex, or to introduce an existing Forex trader to

Price Action.


Why price action : simply put, it is the only trading method that can give consistent profitable results

for retail traders. 

Those with trading experience know that indicators don’t work over the long run.  The alternative is

Price Action, or quit trading all together.


Transitioning from Binary Options to Forex is by no means an easy task.  You have to unlearn your mind

many things.

  • You will not find any indicators with arrows in this thread telling you when to enter.
  • Expiry times of trades are left to the trader.  There is no next candle expiry in Forex, unless you
    close a trade on purpose.
  • There is no binary outcome ITM or OTM.  You can have a Take Profit or Stop Loss and profit or
    loss in between.
  • Money Management is the sole responsibility of a trader.  Not a fixed amount that you either lose,
    or win back with fixed profit payout.

So not only the barrier is quite high to make the mental step, the massive amount of information available

on Price Action trading can make the task ahead look insurmountable.  As in Binary Options, the methods

on how to trade Forex seem endless.


What I try to achieve in this thread in a nutshell :

  • Simplify what I consider to be the only way to trade profitable on a long term basis with a good
    chance of providing you with a steady stream of income.
  • So, making Price Action trading accessible for the novice PA trader.
  • Giving you a completely new way to look at charts, and the structure of price, in order to find
    price levels (Support/Resistance) and price structure (Trend), and this over Multiple Time Frames
    (MTF).  The price levels combined with price structure and news (fundamental news) will provide
    us with entries and trade direction.

The reason I am doing is, is mainly because I had to go through the deluge of information myself, and
being a binary options trader before,  it took me a few years to develop and master the Lazy Larry Strategy. 

The rewards however are there, as you will see in the verified demo accounts.


I have also been teaching Lazy Larry for many years in my skype group called LLU (Lazy Larry University). 

Since I was doing this for free, posting the methodology and teaching Lazy Larry in BOE won’t affect me in

any way and I am able to reach more aspiring PA traders, and put them on the path that I consider to be the

right one.  And don’t ask, LLU is a closed group now and no new people have been added for over a year. .

It is pretty time consuming and after a while even boring, so this thread is my so called last shot at sharing

and teaching.


2. Why now


Let me use an analogy to explain this : Anyone doing business understands that the timing

and location for opening a shop are crucial and will determine the success rate.


Regulatory Environment : not only were Binary Options banned in USA (or tightly regulated

with NADEX), also Europe did the same with the ESMA rules. So binary options traders are

looking for alternatives.


Those that have been around for a while will have come to the conclusion already that arrow

indicators don’t work in the long run, and only lead to losing money.  Combine this with shady

brokers and trading bins is a losing proposition from the get go.  Either they quit or again, look

for something different.


For a while, David, the owner of BOE decided to close new registrations and remove the

existing trolls.  I had no intention of posting while they were in BOE, but also that condition



So, timing and location are right for me to start this thread. 

I believe there will be sufficient audience and interest now for a forex strategy on BOE.


  1. Things I will not tolerate in this thread.

There is no need for me to repeat the general rules of BOE for posting, but in addition

following things will not be tolerated.


Adding indicators : I will provide you with the indicators I deem necessary or helpful to

trade Lazy Larry.  These are all based on price or price movement.

No indicators with arrows or price values based on some magic formula will be allowed.


Modifying the Lazy Larry strategy : nothing is perfect, but Lazy Larry is as good as it

gets to guide the aspiring Price Action trader on his first steps. 

Posting some big theories about the how and what, adding stuff to the Lazy Larry strategy

will only confuse those who want to learn. 


I strongly believe I have made Price Action as simple as possible and as accessible as

possible.  As stated in point 1, the binary options trader has already a mountain to climb,

so let us keep that in mind.


Of course there are plenty of other ways to trade successfully but should you wish to

add, modify, or whatever, please open your own thread. 


This thread is about Lazy Larry only.


Posted trades should follow the Lazy Larry rules, or at least be your attempt to trade

the Lazy Larry rules.  Don’t post trades based on different rules. 


I want this thread to stay clean and focused only on Lazy Larry entries and trades.


3. What do I expect from you


Basically your time and effort.  The only way to master Lazy Larry is by trading it and spending time

on the charts. 


I have a package of indicators that will be given to you after you have proven you are willing to make

the effort.  Post at least a month of trades in the thread and you will receive the package. 


Don’t ask for indicators without posting.  The rules are the same for everyone. 


Don’t ask for anything you might see on my chart that is not included in the package.  I am an amateur

coder and love to write new stuff, but what I want to share is shared in the indicator package. 


And no, you don’t need these indicators.  Without your chart time and effort to study the Lazy Larry

strategy and attached information the indicators are useless to you.  And you can trade the Lazy Larry

strategy successfully without any indicators.  These are only training wheels to get you started.   


Indicate your levels and trend on the charts, so it is clear for everyone why you took a trade. 


Post winners and losers : the amount of pips you make is completely secondary to the purpose of this

thread.  As mentioned earlier, the purpose is to change the way you look at chart, and apply levels,

trend, fundamentals and money management.


Of course the end goal is to make money and be profitable, but from experience I know that will

happen over time.  It was important for me to have my demo accounts verified by David (owner of BOE)

to show you that Larry is profitable over an extended period of time, and not another 10 ITM in a row strategy. 


And please don’t use the argument it’s only demo.  I consider posting real accounts with real money

on a public forum dangerous and stupid.  If you think there are no malicious sleeper accounts on BOE,

a forum with almost 40.000 members, you are a bit naïve. 


Just look at the number of downloads and compare that to the number of people actually participating

and maybe you see what I mean.



Good luck to all of you, and inviting you to become member of the BOE Larry team.




The following 2 posts contain the pdf files with the strategy and supplemental background information.


Ps.  This post has been added on a later date because some posters (on purpose or not, with their own

agenda or not) do not seem or want to understand the purpose of this thread and do their best to derail it. 

In case I use strong language, my apologies, but I will keep the Lazy Larry thread focused on its main

purpose, which is helping the aspiring Price Action trader.

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#78271 the original binary indicator

Posted by cecilgrobbelaar on 09 July 2016 - 01:24 AM

Hi guys i've been working on an indicator to catch the small reversals mostly caused by market noise and so far it looks very promising but i think i have been staring at it far to long and need a new of fresh perspective on it. it does not repaint at all and open on the start of a new candle need suggestions for filters. As it reacts to market noise best time frame is 1min and 5min

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#22403 60 sec Strategy Making Real Money

Posted by Lingsbord on 02 June 2015 - 03:33 AM

Hi Guys


I've been asked how I make money in Binary Options, and there have been others on the General Boards asking if it's possible to make reliable returns trading Binaries. I've decided to create this thread to refer people back to and so I can post progress updates.


First of all my basic strategy is almost identical to that posted by Tradesmart on his thread in this section, so apologies Tradesmart if it appears I'm treading on your toes a little.


Everyone’s looking for that “Holy Grail”, that secret bit of genius, that amazing combination of indicators that can predict the future and guarantee you the returns you’re looking for. Well, let me tell you that there are NO magic wands in trading. Success is less about the details of your strategy and far more about how you apply it in terms of your money management, discipline and your own psychological approach to the markets.


Of course, you need a strategy that works, at least to a degree, and I’m going to share mine here although it’s a simple, basic strategy that’s been seen on these forums before, but I’ll also disclose my trade/money management plan that has delivered consistent success for me trading real money in a live environment. This will not be for everyone! Some people think using a vast number of indicators and systems makes them feel like real traders. The only thing that makes me feel like a real trader is the balance in my account ;-)


The strategy you’ll have seen before, but please read all the notes to get the full picture. I’m a 20-year Forex trader, I only trade for a living, and I’m really loving this system.


OK here goes:


Step 1.


I have an FXCM demo account running Metatrader 4 and a 1 min EURUSD chart open. This chart has 1 indicator on it, Bollinger Bands with settings 20 and 2.5. I found that deviation of 2 creates too many false signals and deviation of 3 means you’ll be lucky to see more than 3 trades per day. I settled on 1 minute for the number of trades it offers during an average day and because the 5 minute offers no better ITM rate. I also have the Market Watch window open on the metatrader but I reduce the size of the box down so I can only see the EURUSD rate and the clock. It’s this clock that I use as my “countdown trigger”.


Step 2.


My trading account is currently with IQ Option. Their platform is excellent and execution is very accurate. They don’t play games with pricing either. I have also opened with IG in London.


Step 3.


OK as you will have seen elsewhere on the BOE Boards, the trading strategy is simply to take a trade in the opposite direction when a candle closes outside the Bollinger Bands, so if it closes out of the top band I enter a Put, and if it closes below the bottom band I enter a Call. As the Market Watch clock gets into the 50s on the seconds and if a trade appears to be lining up, I’ll hover over the Put/Call button and closely watch the clock and the chart so I can nail the trade the moment the candle closes. Expiry is 1 minute.


OK so nothing new there and we all know that it often works well but the ITM rate isn’t anything to write home about is it? So here’s how I use it to make money:


Trading times


I avoid the period prior to London Open as there’s often a series of trades in the same (wrong) direction as the market gears itself up for the day, so I’ll normally look for the first trade from 09:10 UK time and I’ll then trade until about 13:15, picking up again around 14:30 after NYC Open to avoid another rush around that time and to give me a chance to enjoy some lunch without worrying about trading! For those of you trading Asian markets I’d avoid the “dead zone” and trade from about 02:00 onwards (again, UK time) when there might be enough movement to be able to make sense of this strategy.


Trade sizes


OK this is the most important part of the way I trade and there are some important elements here.

For smaller trade size, just divide these numbers down as appropriate, keeping the same ratios between each trade.

My first trade is $100. If this trade ends ITM I make $82 and look for the next one, again at the starting level of $100


If the first trade ends OTM then my second trade on the next signal is $320. If this trade ends ITM I make $262 which recovers the original $100, also creates the original $82 of profit that the first trade would have made, and then makes a further $80. Again your next trade is at the starting level of $100


If the second trade ends OTM then the third trade is $512. If this trade ends ITM then it recovers the original $100 and the $320 but there’s no profit, we’ve just recovered the losses and we move on with the next trade at $100


If the third trade ends OTM we REPEAT the $512 trade. If this trade ends ITM we generate $420 towards recovering part of the losses made in the other trades.


These 1-4 trade sequences we call “events”. Most events will be only 1 or 2 trades, i.e. you will be making consistent strong returns most of the time.


When an event consists of 3 consecutive trades you will break even on that event and look for the next trade


When an event consists of 4 trades where the 4th one ends ITM you will subsidise your loss on the previous 3.


Some people can’t face the concept of a trade that doesn’t generate profit, but believe me I’ve run so many examples that this structure works best in terms of risk/reward over time.


When an event consists of 4 trades and the 4th one ends OTM you will take a “hit”.


Based on the above numbers the hit will cost you $1,444 at this level. When this happens you set the platform back to $100 and start again.


You have to be mechanical, disciplined, and not scared of the trade sizes to make this work, but believe me it does work in real, live trading environments.


Typically you will have an average of 1 full “hit” in a week and around 3 of the smaller 4-trade events where the 4th trade comes in ITM causing a smaller loss. The rest of the trades will end ITM on either the first or second trade so you are building up plenty of buffer funds to be able to take hits and carry on. One full hit in a week will take approximately a full day of trading to recover, leaving 3.5 – 4 days of the week to make money.


During the month of May I had a fantastic first week followed by 3 “average” weeks and ended up with $8,344 – real money, real trading. This week my trade size has increased to a $120 start with the others multiplied up to keep the ratios. I started with trade sizes of $20, $64, $100 and $100


Note: I have run this strategy where the trade sizes are larger at each step so that the profit on each trade in the event is $82 so for example on a 3-trade event the profit is $246 etc, BUT the “HIT” is much larger so the extra loss wipes away the extra profit.


I would also say that although you will make $2000 per week on this strategy at these settings you really need a $5000 account balance to safely do it because you need to be able to take 2 Hits and still be able to trade out of the situation, so if you have $500 in your account your first trade should be $10 etc if your broker allows. Please note that taking 2 hits will be so rare it might never happen to you, but to be safe, take your maximum hit and multiply by 3 and that’s your minimum account balance.


This entire trading approach is not for everyone. There’s a Martingale element but it’s not a Martingale strategy (which is the fastest way to blowing an account known to man!). I know the simplistic approach to signal generation and a relatively low ITM ratio overall will mean a lot of people won’t want to repeat what I’m doing but I was asked by some people how I make money from Binaries and this is my honest answer!


You don’t need charts that look like an accident in a paint factory to make money in B.O.





Good Luck/Good Trades guys.


p.s. If you don't like the BB strategy you can apply the trade size management principles to any strat that has a low number of occasions where you'll get 4 OTM in a row.


p.s.s. Links:


1. MM calculation xls sheet: https://www.dropbox....rds MM.xls?dl=0


2. Link to EA: https://www.dropbox....in_new.mq4?dl=0


3. Free VPN for 1 year: http://aws.amazon.com/free/?nc2=h_ls

tutorial 1: http://desaroxx.com/...-aws-cloud.html

tutorial 2: http://www.tradinghe...ing-amazon-ec2/

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#65109 Hubba Hubba's Style (5-15 mins)

Posted by zozon on 13 March 2016 - 02:47 PM

Only for newbies
HOD/LOD - High of the Day/ Low of the Day
PB - PinBar
S/R level - suport resistent level
SRB -  Support Resistance (Barry)
OB/OS  - OverBoat/OverSold
PP  - Pivot Point
TOH/BOH - top of hour/bottom of hour
TOH = Top of Hour = XX:00
BOH = Bottom of Hour = XX:30
BRN = Big Round Number, ending with 000
RN = Round Number, ending with 00
MM - Money Management
TOH and BOH -  i always recommend newbies and new users to this style to avoid those time slots first...
Master Huba's words:
Guidelines for entry.
in order of actions
1. Wait for VC alert to come on. 
2. Wait for confirmation of a candle before entry. Or look for candle with high probability characteristics like pinbar, bullish engulf and what not. 
3. Then make entry. 
If market is trending, go for 15 mins expiry.
If market is ranging, go for 5 mins expiry. 
Or depending on the characteristic of the candle to select expiry.
Supporting indicators for making entry decision.
Wait for the market movement to reveal the situation of higher high, lower low. Use the past SR levels to assist in that.
Wait for market movement to reveal the situation on how the pair moves with the 21 EMA. Watch the wicks and SR levels with EMA.
They give very good indication on the next movement of the pair in a range of 2-3 candles. 
 - look for scenarios like, breakout channel, HOD/LOD and ranging.
   The secret is that we patiently waits for clear market conditions and setups. and that is how we should do it.  
 - look at these scenarios and not the candles. Only when these scenarios play out, then we look for quality candles.
   otherwise we are trading from one candle to the other, no that is not my style nor strategy.  And it should not be, especially for BO, it is suicidal. 
1. Exhaustion setup = we wait for a series of candle sticks that gets shorter by each candles after the first long / overextended candlesticks.
    (15 mins expiry)
2. Ride the trend = we wait for long and uniform candlesticks in a series. When the first candle turned counter trend in the midst of a trend up/down,
   we take that as our 'ticket' for the ride.  (5 mins expiry)
3. Bounce off extremities = we wait for a rather wide and established channels. 
   Preferably a movement of about 4-6 candlesticks to cover the entire channel's width. (5 mins expiry)
4. Ride the trend using EMA = Always look for that candle with that wick during a trend. Or EMA cuts through SRB. (15 mins expiry)
- i would suggest u try out Exhaustion and Breakout Setups first. Both these setups requires Confirmation candles
  Breakout Setups for new traders:
For all breakouts, after the close of the first candle that busted out of the channel, we may take the next opening with a 15 mins expiry, immediately.
With that, we would cover all the possible retest before it resumes its direction.
 On the other hand i would recommend a Confirmation candle after the first broke out candle. 
The Confirmation candle after the first broke out candle comes in 2 forms.
1, it could be a retrace and appeared Bearish. but as long as it does not retrace back into the channel, that is a good confirmation for Breakout play.
2, it could be a Bullish candle after the broke out candle. But as long as this Bullish candle does not have a long upper wick,
 i ride it up as a broke out of channel setup.
Should we be using the Exhaustion Setup more in Asia ?
Should we be using the Ride the train Setup more in London?
Should we be on the lookout for Breakout of Channel Setup before London?
- going more with the trend in london and exhaustion/reversals in asia session
- just a reminder when we look at over extended candlesticks.
  When one is spotted during Asia window, the sways is toward the higher possibility of an exhaustion.
  But if that same candlestick is spotted during London window, the sway is towards the higher possibility of a propelled trend.
-The primary importance and u are able to do here, is to determine what the asset is doing
Was it Trending or Ranging or Getting Exhausted. This to me is the bread and butter...
We determine the market's direction and play along with it. Whatever indicators u use for it is not important to me.
All indicators work on the same principle.But your ability to recognise and determine the market condition at that point of time,
is something of paramount importance.
Screen time, experience, knowledge and a sound trading plan can overcome ignorance and fear. 
start with following my rules first. keep doing it until your results are consistent.
then when u have traded long enough, u will be able to make those entries without a confirmation candle because u are familiar with the market
and the fx pairs.
take your time. the only thing u can screw yourself up is to rush through the learning stage. 
be fair to yourself and give this strategy a chance. take hold of it. learn it and apply it.
maybe after 2-3 months, then u can decide if this is suitable for u.
many people just dont have the patience to find a strategy that fits them like a glove.
and they end up jumping from strategy to another weekly. in the end, they are always searching but never learn and apply anything.

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#73748 Lord Arrow - Easy Forex Trading System For Everyone.

Posted by Singh on 24 May 2016 - 06:17 AM

Hey guys 
I start this thread exclusively for the traders who want to trade with halftrend aka LORD ARROW lol.
I have made a video about how I use halftrend and what indicator I use as filter. I encourage you all to use this system and find if its good or bad and also how can be develop it further. Please post your trades which you take with this system , winners or losers doesn't matter.




Hit like and subscribe if you want to see more videos :P





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#37432 Susano - The Legend Strategy

Posted by Sasuke9 on 30 September 2015 - 11:49 AM

Attention! Sometimes when you load the Susano template or open your metatrader 4, the mini-chart does not show the candles of the 1 hour chart correctly. If this happens simply load the template on the chart again and the mini-chart will display the candles of the 1 hour chart correctly.



Susano – The Legend



Trade Examples





Susano(The Legend)


Long Trades

  1. Price is below PP but above S1 Or Price is below S1(more buyer pressure)

  2. Price has hit and closed at or below one or more of the following: blue support line(higher timeframe is strongest S/R), blue pivot, red support, demand zone, round number, fib level(plus S/R is best)

  3. Candle must also close outside(conservative) or at least touch or close very near(aggressive) the bottom bollinger bands

  4. Value Charts is oversold(you can take trades without oversold but its riskier)

  5. Watch out for resistance

  6. Take a call for 1-5 minute expiry


NOTE*** You can trade trend(conservative), range or countertrend(aggressive)

For trend look at where the candles are going and refer to 1 Hour Mini Chart


Short Trades

  1. Price is above PP but below R1 Or Price is above R1(more seller pressure)

  2. Price has hit and closed at or above one or more of the following: red resistance line(higher timeframe is strongest S/R), blue pivot, green resistance, supply zone, round number, fib level(plus S/R is best)

  3. Candle must also close outside(conservative) or at least touch or close very near(aggressive) the top bollinger bands

  4. Value Charts is overbought(you can take trades without overbought but its riskier)

  5. Watch out for support

  6. Take a put for 1-5 minute expiry

NOTE*** You can trade trend(conservative) range or countertrend(aggressive)

For trend look at where the candles are going and refer to 1 Hour Mini Chart


Indicators and template: https://www.dropbox....BG1yHoMwka?dl=0

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#51006 Rolling Jamming With Susano

Posted by rahul111 on 19 December 2015 - 09:25 AM

HolyFire Indicator


Sorry, forgot to add one indicator in zip file. Please ignore the earlier download and use this one

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Posted by Wizdom on 13 March 2016 - 02:03 PM

Good Evening to you all.
my greeting goes to eveyone one on these beautiful forum, been here for a long time but always as a ghost member watching how things works on this forum. but today, made a decision to open and show my own style of trading and making money from off the markets. so i know and have seen few threads from some popular members here like hubba , tradesmart, randy, max, holy fire, david and others i have forgotten and i appreicate thier trading methods as they are kinda similar to mine.

Good Evening to you all.

my greeting goes to eveyone one on these beautiful forum, been here for a long time but always as a ghost member watching how things works on this forum. but today, made a decision to open and show my own style of trading and making money from off the markets. so i know and have seen few threads from some popular members here like hubba , tradesmart, randy, max, holy fire, david and others i have forgotten and i appreicate thier trading methods as they are kinda similar to mine.

have been trading the market for close to 5yrs and been making consistent profit by Gods grace for the past 3yrs (hey, not here to brag), my reasons for saying these is to let us konw that am here to teach and learn, not some stratgey remodification, testing of a strategy or building of an indicator. If i have a method and its working, whats the need to change or remodify? my method has been same for d past 3yrs plus and working and i hope to keep it that way and show others how i do it.

I trade pure price action with no single indicator on the chart, i find it enough to to look at the candles and know whats up if i could, not going to give you a kind of percentage here as this is not a particular method of trading as i consider this more like a freestyle while others learn and i learn from them as no amount of knowledge is enough....

believe me the first 2 yrs of my trading career was like a real struggle, jumping from one indicator to another, fro m one strategy to other, tested almost all strategies in forextradingresources and lots more, but they wont just give us what we want because those indicators makes us to put faith in them without considering what the market itself is doing and when they fail us we get angry. not until i decided to focus on price action only and took a lot of time to learn it.. you have to be determined to learn price action because many indicators would distract you each time u make d decision. learn to read the markets itself and almost any strategy would work out for you like Hubba do say.. i hate to talk too much as am always lazy to read long posts...

lastly, only want to display to you guys my method of trading, its not a particular method or indicator, but am gonna explain each setup so we can be able to spot those setups too. the most important thing that judges my trades is how strong is the support and resistance in that area or confluence , trust me this is not gonna be an easy road for anyone who want to be able to read the charts and not depend on indicators but i call tell you that the time is worth it. mine took years, if we all humble ourselfs to learn together here, yours could take months but no one turns a billionaire over night with an indicator, even price action cant make you a millionaire overnight, but with patient and screen time at the right things, its worth it on the long run....

So would be showing you guys and explaining each trade and once in a while, i would be posting live trade calls so anyone who happen to spot it we can take them together, ... would show just 2-3 setups from last firday here. would post more on monday as market resumes, would post them as i spot them and show you the ones i take and why i took them, its just my own method...

my tf: 30mins above

durations: candle close as i spot my setups on current candles

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#21963 Newbies Start Here

Posted by Singh on 26 May 2015 - 09:52 PM

I am creating this thread to help the people who have no idea about what trading is and who just saw some advertisement of become millionaire overnight and jumped into binary trading without any knowledge of financial world.This thread will provide step by step guide for those who have no experience in trading to anyone else who likes to learn more and more.


One can skip the steps he/she thinks have competed already and maybe learn what he/she doesnt know.


To Traders :  Lets help these newbies to avoid the the mistakes we have made by giving them valuable and detailed advise.When suggesting something please keep in mind that if you mention something then try to provide links or pictures for the content.If you use words like Price Action,Techinical analysis,Fundamental Analysis,Higher Highs lower lows etc etc then do explain what those words mean.Provide links where a newbie can find description and information about that content/words.Do not write a post which leads to question but finish it fully.Please do not post an Indicator here.Do not write I agree with above post or do not write just to thank someone's post but instead like the post.


So since I am starting this thread I will write the steps which I think are important to follow for a complete newbie who have no idea about what trading is who dosnt even know what a PIP or tick is.


1. Take one of these crash courses for the understanding of how Forex market works and what a currency chart is made of and what       are some standard indicators being used in forex market.Both courses are free and fun to learn.


 a ). Forexpeacearmy.com course which I personally read through when I started trading.  http://www.forexpeac...ion-pro-banker/


b ).  Babypips.com school   http://www.babypips.com/school


  Both courses are equally good and fun to go through so you can just take anyone of those and should be fine.After this you are somewhat ready to jump in the demo world and if you want you can find a strategy at BOE or anywhere and try testing it.


2. Once you are done with the course then comes where to learn more about Fundamental and Technical Analysis(If you did complete the course you will know what I am talking about and if you didnt complete the course then you wont have an idea about what I am talking about so go to the course and complete it)  and the indicators or infomration used in it.



a). Fundamental Analysis 

Fundamental analysis is the examination of the underlying forces that affect the well being of the economy, industry groups, and companies. As with most analysis, the goal is to derive a forecast and profit from future price movements- Wikipedia. 
So as you can tell from the description provided by wikipedia,fundamental analysis is about using important information and data about markets/assets/companies to predict the future movement.For example Departments of Governments around the globe realeses important data about the performance of certain markets such as House Sales of the month,Employement Rate for the month, Interest rates of central banks of counties etc etc all these will affect the strength of certain currency of whichever country the data is being released from.It dosnt stop here  but a news like WAR, Death of a president or Prime Minister, Selection of a Government,Riots etc etc will also play their part in the movements of a currency.To learn more about it you can go to this link  http://stockcharts.c...mental_analysis.
There are two most used websites which we look at to find fundamental news events which will affect any currency.
http://www.forexpeac...a/Santo_Domingo I personally like this one better as it have options of historcial movements of currency pairs on any certain news events.
b ). Technical Analysis
In finance, technical analysis is a securityanalysis methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume- Wikipedia.
Technical Analysis is very vast and there are many aspects to it but in few words technical analysis is to read the past market moves and patterns to predict the future movements of the markets.It can be done with the help of certain pattern methods,movements of the price etc etc. Below are some usefull links which can help you to learn different aspects of  techincal analysis.
Price Action- 
Definition  http://2ndskiesforex...ding-explained/(just to know what price action is do not buy anything from that website).
http://stockcharts.c...:chart_analysis  this is a good source for over all information on chart patterns,basic candlestick patterns, trend lines and basic functionality of standard most used indicators.
One question I have been asked again and again on this forum is WHICH STRATEGY IS BEST OUT HERE?well there is NONE its the trader who makes a strategy work best not the vice versa.One strategy could be working very well for me and it might not work at all for you because we all look differently at markets and make our own decisions.However there is this one strategy I would like to mention here which works on any timeframe and any type of market whether its forex or binaries http://www.binaryopt...on-to-ichimoku/.
Edit: Singh's favorite list of brokers: http://www.binaryopt...f-safe-brokers/
Note that there is no affiliation or whatsoever towards this website or it's members.
Thats about it after this its all demo and you and yes learning never stops you will find something new everyday and you will keep learning but stick to something which works for you and keep developing it as you learn more and more.
Good Luck 

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#64127 Simple, but very effective.

Posted by hubba hubba on 06 March 2016 - 11:30 PM

You need to sit there for hours watching candles.




:D  :lol:

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#121829 Profit With Stilios Way

Posted by STILIOS on 22 May 2017 - 02:12 PM

Hi Everyone!

I am a member in this forum for quite a while now and like many others I tried to follow other people’s strategies. I have been struggling for a while but finally I decided to adopt some of the valuable stuff I found here and create my own strategy.

I went into demo for about six months last year and was doing pretty good. Now, for more than a year I am doing the strategy and I’m about to show you live the way to  be in profit to.

The strategy delivers approx. 70% in the long run once you have mastered it and the most reliable pairs are EUR/USD and AUD/USD on the 1m TF.

Trading hours that have been delivering for me are from 07.30-11.30 13.00-17.00 GMT.

Needless to say that I avoid High Impact News for half an hour before and after and all other news for at least 15 minutes before and after. Also the time period  between  14.50  to 15.10 is extremely unpredictable.

Although I will try to do my best to describe the exact trade entry process in the following videos I must warn you that the strategy is not suitable for complete newbie’s or for people with lack of patience.

The strategy has proven itself and is being shared as it is in order for other people to also benefit from it as I did, so please do not deviate from its rules and do not add more indies or filters.

Special thanks to TRADESMART as the father of reversal strategies n this forum, HH for his unlimited insights through his 2 threads, SINGU for the Ichi line reversal concept, BOEDGE for his valuable advice, TRADISTA for the creation of the STILIOS ARROW and last but not least CHRISPAP for introducing to me the power of Volume in trading.



Here is a short video with a detailed description of the indies and some cool setups and the second one is live trading the Stilios Strategy. Please do not post questions that are already answered in the videos.

Have Fun and keep them screenshots coming!!!

Happy and prosperous trading guys!!!







PS:  Make sure to watch first the Video "Setups and Indicators" and then the "Live Trading

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#109135 Uday BO logic notes

Posted by uday on 06 February 2017 - 06:30 PM

I am share here few my simple logic that must need to read every BO trade who trade in PA.

I am learn from BOE or Web with include my experace want to share it. also give to Thanks all of BOE members.

my english is poor so sorry i can't explain more but try to teach by image.

you can use HH template and indi that i attach. Here i share my trading notes. 

i am trade 5M TF 5M exp. wait wait wait good conformation don't jump on trade. Market give you more chance if you spend time on chart.

avoid News, Broker open close time. also care HHS tips HH, LL, TOH, RN, or S/R.


Nobody teach you better than Market so spend time on chart.




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  • Attached File  MT4.zip   3.88MB   2177 downloads

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#69785 Martinez Money( but needs an alert), over 75%

Posted by martinezfx on 13 April 2016 - 09:17 AM

This system looks promising but needs an alert for the Bresset indicator which is the entry after every other rules is right. 

  For call :  1,  Ma becomes Blue

                  2, nitro shows blue( atleast 60 % up for all)

                  3 price above targets bands( atleast above  the middle band)

                  4, Bresset scalper turn from red to blue

For Put ; opposite of the first rule

  Time frame 5 mint and one candle expiry

 On the image( yellow lines marks my entry)

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#95277 Patience, Discipline, Focus Trading System - Above average returns

Posted by BillyKay on 03 November 2016 - 01:54 AM

Well, the weekend is here................in my part of the world, so here you go.


I am not the author of these files, they have been accumulated over two years, and have only changed the names for my convenience.


Most of them belong to Mladen over at Forex TSD, hats off to a brilliant coder

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#55389 Hubba Hubba's Style (5-15 mins)

Posted by binarytek on 12 January 2016 - 10:00 PM

Hi everyone, I started to educate myself with the Hubba's Style and created screenshots of all validated trades with their explanation until now and packaged them in a downloadable zip file: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing . In this way you can learn from them offline and quicker.


The trades are from 18.06.2015 till 12.01.2016 and categorized in separate folders: exhaustion, ride the train, ranging, reflex bounce.
The trade screenshots contain only educational value. All broker images and non-educational comments are removed. Screenshots without an avatar/name are Hubba's. All others have the name or avatar of the trader and have been approved by Hubba as valid or are valid by his rules (I omitted about 4 trades that I believed would rather confuse beginners).
Every file name contains the main factors considered for the trade, the trader initials (Hubba has no initials), the page and post number.
E.g. the file name "00y1ew-ride-wicks-candles-sizes-SR-89-1764.jpg" tells us we are riding the train considering wicks, candles sizes and SR. The original post is on page 89 with number 1794.
You can open a post with a given number with this URL: http://www.binaryopt...ins/?p=XXXXXXXX
For those who do not know it yet:
TOH = Top of Hour = XX:00
BOH = Bottom of Hour = XX:30
BRN=Big Round Number, ending with 000.
I want to thank a lot to Hubba for this education. This is by far one of the most educational strategy I've read in BOE. The combination of screenshots + description why the trade was taken is really helpful! And certainly better than video! Many thanks also to the other major contributors: danny, KTT, vouytee, Mack and others. Hope you guys continue to share your learnings!
There were also some hilarious posts  :D  :D  :D -> like the most common "make me rich now and do it for me" questionpriorities and wording, "Japanese Bullet Trains" and the one with making sure to get get on the right train  :D And I liked so many posts that the forum told me that I have achieved my maximum quota for positive likes for the day  :D

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#44434 100% profitable martingale strategy

Posted by Dhanush on 09 November 2015 - 02:34 AM

I am getting a lot of positive comments on this strategy but some people are sending me PM's with so much hate and negativity. I have nothing to gain by sharing my strategy. I did it with a honest intention of letting people know how to earn money easily the way I am. So if you have any ways of making this strategy better then please let me know. But if u dont like it then please don't PM me saying I am an idiot, moron or I will go bankrupt if I use this strategy. LikeI said I have used this strategy for the past 2 months and have been earning between 12,000 to 16,000 every month. If you want to use this strategy or not is up to you
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USA REGULATION NOTICE: There are many binary options companies which are not regulated within the United States. Most of these offshore companies are not supervised, connected or affiliated with any of the regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

It is our STRONG opinion that you do not operate with any unregulated brokerage firm as they may steal or try to scam you out of every dime you have. Please take notice that any unregulated trading activity by U.S. Citizens should be considered unlawful.

Risk Disclosure: Binary Options Edge does not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained within this website; this includes education material, price quotes and charts, and analysis. Please be aware of the risks associated with trading the financial markets; never invest more money than you can risk losing. The risks involved in trading binary options are high and may not be suitable for all investors. Binary Options Edge doesn't retain responsibility for any trading losses you might face as a result of using the data hosted on this site. The data and quotes contained in this website are not provided by exchanges but rather by market makers. So prices may be different from exchange prices and may not be accurate to real time trading prices. They are supplied as a guide to trading rather than for trading purposes.